According to the minister of religion, who can not travel visa manage potentially fraudulent.

choose any travel there are several things that must be considered, including:

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1. Pay attention to the existence of the office as well as zoom. Umrah bona fide travel agency has offices and well ordered.

2. Notice how they serve pilgrims. Are his staff will biaya umroh bulan desember listen and answer any questions you well as you want, because a good travel agent is not simply pursuing material alone. Make sure you as pilgrims have obtained clear information about the travel, from a business profile to the services provided.

3. Ensure that the Umrah travel agency you select has the permission of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Religion of the Republic of Indonesia. Check in Website Ministry of Religious Affairs to determine the Umrah and Hajj travel agency that has a legal permit from Religious Affairs.

4. Ensure that the Umrah travel agencies have programs Arbain and Non-Arbain. Arbain point, you will stay more than eight days in Medina. While the program Non-Arbain meaning you medina just a few days, the rest in Makkah.

5. Usually reliable Umrah travel agencies have a strong network with the tourism industry. For example, by association of travel agents, airlines, hotel chains, up to the car rental company.Umrah travel agents who have extensive networks reflect the travel has good credibility.

6. Lastly, ask her experience in dealing with the pilgrims and Umrah. Experience is very important for addressing pilgrims and Umrah takes skill. This is done so that you as a pilgrim feel comfortable and calm while conducting worship in the Holy Land without having any difficulties with accommodation, transportation and others.
No matter the parties GCC organizes Umrah registered in the Ministry of Religion can be checked on the following link (http: //

will be something to be happy of course for Muslims / Muslim to go perform spiritual journey to worship Umrah to the holy land with their families if possible.
for performing a spiritual journey like Umrah is an experience and a valuable opportunity and can not be counted value.
When umrah else we can a visit to the holy places for pilgrimage. as Tawaf around the Kaaba, walking between Safa and Marwah, Zamzam water to drink, to pray at the Grand Mosque.
The Prophet also said: “Prayer in my mosque is better than a thousand prayers in other mosques except the Sacred Mosque. “(Bukhari).

hopefully Umrah travel tips on choosing good over if it can help and provide supplies information for those of you who are planning to carry out a trip Umrah during Ramadan.
hopefully leave with a comfortable, quiet, safe and return home with a great feeling.

15 Benefits of Drinking Water Lemon Warm Morning

Lemon is a citrus fruit that is rich in vitamin C that can rejuvenate the skin from the inside so that your skin soft and pretty. One of the main benefits of drinking lemon water mixed with warm water is able to lose weight quickly is certainly suitable for you who are doing the diet.
Lemon water can detoxify the body and this is most important benefits of lemon
Lemon water is taken in the morning after waking up can help the digestive system and eliminate the remnants of digestion in the gut. This can prevent the problem of constipation and diarrhea.
Nutrients in a lemon
One squeezed lemon water is then added to the warm water into a glass contains approximately 25 calories. Lemon is rich in potassium, vitamin C, iron, vitamin A, calcium, and fiber pectin. Lemon also has antibacterial properties.
Lemon is a fruit that is known for its therapeutic properties, which helps keep your immune system. Lemon also can clean our blood. The content of potassium in lemon can maintain the health of your heart from high blood pressure and heart attacks.
Here are the benefits of drinking a glass of warm lemon water every morning:
1. Lemon is a fruit rich in vitamin C, essential nutrients that protect the body from immune system deficiencies.
2. Lemons contain pectin fiber that is very useful for colon health and also serves as a powerful antibacterial.
3. Lemon water maintains balance pH levels in the body.
4. Lemon water can detoxify the body.
5. Digestion and encourage the production of bile.
5. Is a source of citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are great.
6. Helps prevent the growth and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria that cause infection and disease.
7. Helps to reduce pain and inflammation of the joints and knees because of gout.
8. Helps treat colds and fever.
9. The content of potassium in the lemon helps nourish the brain and nerve cells.
10. Strengthening the heart by providing energy for liver enzymes when too thin.
11. Balancing the levels of calcium and oxygen in the liver.
12. Prevent wrinkles and preventing acne.
13. Help maintain eye health.
14. Assist the production of fluid in the digestive system.
15. Lemon water as the electrolyte solution which can replace lost body fluids after exercise.

That’s 15 warm lemon water benefits for our health. Of course, for the best results for health should be regularly consumed one glass of lemon water every morning before the move. How to make it very easy. Wring one lemon and mix with one cup of warm water and ready to drink.

Tips for Hajj & Umrah You Feel Light

It has become a mainstream that Hajj and Umrah are now associated with a trip to the Holy Land is sacred to the various rituals of long-tiring. And with sincere intentions and preparation, Hajj and Umrah can be run with a lightweight and full of enjoyment. In order not to become a burden on the heart, let us refer to light things that can be done during a trip to the Holy Land without reducing khusu worship itself.

Tips for Hajj & Umrah You Feel Light

Serve with heart Field

Rest assured that every service devoted harga umroh desember 2016 exclusively to Allah. will always seek advice and guidance in implementing it. But can not be denied that the Hajj and Umrah can bring their own emotional state.

It is common, pilgrims / Umrah often feel afraid of making mistakes during worship. You will often come across people who say that this is illegal, unlawful, or commented that what you are doing useless and worthless before God.

This fear sometimes appear excessively so disturbing khusu worship. Therefore, Relieve your heart and do not be offended.People who criticize you really are trying to help you avoid slipping into things that are illegal or prohibited.

Running in shape during Hajj / Umrah

Keeping healthy during the Holy Land is a serious matter that must be considered in order to process your worship not disturbed. The series of worship that takes energy will make you feel tired and weak.That’s when the body’s immune decline and diseases easily stopped.

Beware if you are already feeling the pain in the throat, difficulty breathing, or feel weak from lack of fluids. Try some light tips for maintaining fitness and health during worship in the Holy Land following:

  • Wash your hands regularly and use of protective masks, especially when performing religious activities outdoors. Remember, there are hundreds of thousands, even millions of people with various conditions that gathered in the same place.
  • Try not to buy food in the street, because we can not guarantee cleanliness.
  • Eat fresh fruits freshly peeled when to eat, to take care of cleanliness and freshness.
  • Bring honey, honey is a potent drug for many diseases.
  • Eat vitamin C, as well to keep the immune system.
  • Do not drink the water of Zam Zam in the cold, because it can lead to a sore throat. You can find a lot of containers of water around Mecca that provides zam-zam water in a secure room temperature.
  • Use your free time as well as possible for the rest. You may want to follow studies Hajj / Umrah, explore the city or simply chatting with colleagues, but get yourself to do that after the pilgrimage is completed. With sufficient rest, in addition to energy can be collected, you also can avoid themselves from the discussions that are not useful.
  • As a means of support, you can use the Application Hajj Health Companion can be downloaded at PlayStore to get information directly from the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia about the location of hospitals, ambulances, police stations, information centers, or tips frequently asked Hajj / Umrah in Holy Land.

Tips Before Going Umroh Part 4

  • Oh yes prepared well the sunglasses that there is a protective UV, a small umbrella / hat (useful really withstand the glare of the midday sun when we visit / tawaf), mask, scarf / jacket (if we leave when in mecca it is winter or for those who do not hold cold in the plane).
    Image result for umroh
  • Umm not less important take some umroh ramadhan  hangers small and detergent sachet, because yesterday pas I go it is useful really for hanging clothes / underwear after washing it (just so you know laundry there expensive… so wash yourself anyway too fast drying because the blower in the room is big enough wind.
  • Create about not match the food there, may bring instant noodles in a cup (popmie), cereals (Energen) to taste, have a lot because of the experience yesterday is also not eat and return again because there may also be allotted snack of travel.
  • Do not forget to bring the charger pocket cameras, HP and plugs three holes, because the average outlet at the airport and the hotel room there perforated 3.
  • Oh yes, if you need to bring an empty water bottle from the small house that could be included in a small bag, to fit in Medina / Mecca we can refill with zam-zam water for drinking supplies for the mosque. Zam-zam water where there is provided a free and abundant. Just so you know price of a bottle of mineral water is more expensive there than in Indonesia. For medium-size bottle of aqua cost about 10 thousand rupiah. Yesterday I also brought a bottle of drinking tupperware vacancies and put luggage, which is also useful for refill zam-zam water to stock up at the hotel / road, if it is not supplied mineral water at the hotel, because really love if we have to buy mineral water, unless forced if we could drink zam-zam water was plentiful there,
  • Bring enough money supplies. To avoid security carry an ATM card or a credit card if it does not intend to buy pretty much there, ID cards, driver’s license and card which are not so urgent in use there. In addition to avoiding lost when we are there, well that did not meet our wallets. Oh yes to shop there in addition to using money riyal, we can also continue to use the rupiah currency in denominations of 50,000 and 100,000’s, as it was already well-known Indonesian people who like to shop there. For currency exchange riyals, based on experience and tips on supervising the travel, the cheaper we redeem it (Medina / Mecca) than we exchange when he was in Indonesia. Yes there is a considerable difference is ..

So a few tips for traveling carry out the pilgrimage, may be useful and make our trips into umra pilgrimage Mabrur. Amen.

So that we avoid things that are not in want during Hajj or Umrah, the following tips should be followed.



10 Benefits of Drinking Water Warm Lemon For Health Possibly not We Go 2

Here are 10 benefits of drinking warm lemon water for health that may not know.

1. Help fight infections from viruses

Warm lemon water is peling effective way to reduce viral infection characterized by sore throat. If we also consume lemon juice then the immune system will increase, we will simultaneously fight the infection perfectly.

Lemon, gambar:

2. Increase energy

Warm lemon water provides the energy the body when it enters the digestive tract, and also helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Lemon juice even had a calming effect on our nervous system.

3. Refreshing breathing

Not only refreshing breathing, warm lemon water also helps ease toothache and gingivitis. Because the content of citric acid can erode tooth enamel, then briefly resist our desire to brush their teeth. Or we can brush his teeth before drinking warm lemon water.

4. Source of potassium excellent

Potassium content in a lot of lemon makes a very good source. Potassium is good for heart health and brain and nerve function.

5. Enhancing immunity

Vitamin C is believed to be enhancing our immune system, and lemon contain a lot of vitamin C. When we are stressed, it means that the level of vitamin C in our body system is falling or has fallen dramatically. This is why experts recommend to increase the consumption of vitamin C, especially in the days stressful.

6. Keeping your skin blemish-free

The content of anti-oxidants in the lemon not only reduces blemishes but also wrinkles. Lemon can also be applied to the skin to reduce scars and spots signs of aging. Warm lemon water that reduces toxins in the blood of course we will maintain your health and glow on our skin.

7. Clean the body system

Warm lemon water helps remove toxins from the body by enhancing the function of enzymes, stimulating the performance of our hearts.

8. Helps reduce weight

Lemons contain pectin fiber that help fight hunger. Section lemon that contains the most pectin fiber is in the skin.

9. Relieve Digestive

Warm lemon water not only improves digestive health by eliminating toxins in the digestive tract, but also helps to reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders such as heart burn, belching and bloating.

10. Reducing inflammation

When we drink warm lemon water regularly, the acidity of the body, where the disease may occur, will be reduced. Warm lemon water will eliminate uric acid in our body, which is a major cause of inflammation.

In addition to 10 health benefits above, warm lemon water also turns can change our habit of drinking coffee in the morning. Warm lemon water to function almost the same with coffee, we will feel more relaxed and refreshed in starting the activity. Interested to try?

Tips on setting the table

Gorgeous display on the table will increase appetite for the residents. It is one of the factors that affect appetite. There are other factors as well … what are they …? Here are tips:

Tips 1. For children, eating is something that no download rice, side dishes, then eat. Want covered important fro want food that he eats can get into their mouths. Well … as parents we must accustom them to abide by the rules of eating or decency eating

We tell you the rules of what can and can not do while eating. As parents we must also know what are the rules or how to eat decently while others see it was tasty … and did not reduce the appetite of others who were dining with us. Just , what the hell ethics of eating polite …

Eating with your mouth closed while chewing food

Speaking with a low volume

Do not use a hand when taking food left in the mouth, use a toothpick

Try to taste all the food supplied

Offer to the person next to you as you will be poured into your glass

Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing

Do leaned back in the chair back

Do not make any noise when chewing food

Do not play with your food cutlery

Do not tease or tell someone that he or she has a poor dining etiquette

Do bersendekap at the dinner table

Always ask permission to the owner of the current event would leave the dinner table

Do not stare at other people’s eyes when she was eating

Do not talk on the phone at the dinner table. Ijinlah ask when you really have to answer the phone, and ask apologize when he returned.

Do not make any noise when eating soup

Lap provided in the table can not be used

Do not forget one thing in common, do not forget to always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ every time you ask for help

Do not deprive snot rag hand. Lap prepared for you just to clear the mouth when dirty

Do not take food from someone else’s plate and do not ask too

Swallow all food that is in the mouth before drinking

Leave a little food if you do not want or can not spend on food

Wait no cue to begin eating the food that was served

Add flavor after tasting food is considered rude and insulting the chef

Except in the restaurant, do not ask to get rid of your leftovers unless the meal was finished and never did when invited to a formal event.

Put the fork on the left and right hand fork together at 5 o’clock on a plate with a sharp knife section facing inward. This indicates that you have finished eating.

Tip 2. When it comes to setting the table, the first thing to note is time to eat, such as a dinner or lunch, occassion or celebration that is happening, the menu will be served and those who will sit down together at the dinner table.

if necessary put a centerpiece in the middle of the table, like a beautiful bouquet or may order the candles that will bring a more intimate and romantic atmosphere. However please consider also its size, not hindered eye contact between the guests. Do not be stuck in one style only.

combining a wide variety of styles, so not memorable monotone. organize and combine shapes and curved or rounded rectangle. Color Settings bias with neutral colors, natural and colorful. Most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment, but still simple. not too full, still leaving a relief space.

Grip that already exists for the order on the table, namely:

Dinner plate, salad plate and a napkin in the middle of the overlap. And a large salad fork to the left. On the right side there is the dinner knife and soup spoon. Put on a plate pudding spoon and a small fork.

Glasses of wine and mineral water placed in the top ranks of the dinner knife. If there is a dessert menu, good dishes and small fork or spoon is placed on the ranks of the salad fork.

Usually when a dinner, a glass is used not just one. Because it was in the upper right side, provide sufficient space to accommodate at least 3 cups, each with a different purpose.

Tips 3. pattern of colors in the dining room can indirectly affect a person’s appetite. If you chose the wrong color in the dining room, it could be even lower the person’s appetite. The color on the paint the house or room that can be your choice, for example red, dark red, burgundy, brown, yellow and green. To be more mismatched dining room with another room, then it could be made iridescence in room dining accessories. As in glove chair, dining table cloths, cutlery and more.

Tips 4. Centerpiece is the center of attention you want to wake up in your banquet table. Centerpice can be strung together flowers, flower pieces, fruits strung with flowers, sea shells, ceramics, as well as plants. Centerpiece is usually placed in the middle of the table to show that non-buffet . To show buffet, can be deployed in several sites around the buffet table.

Tips 5. Equally important is the dinner napkin. In addition to having the function to be used, a variety of accents and embellishments can be located, to beautify our banquet table. Napkins are generally placed above or beside the dinner plate. Napkins that we can give the ornament of a flower placed on it, or we recycle tie with string or ribbon. When we are beach-themed event, we can also put a shell on the napkin.

Tips 6. Lots of little things that often escape our attention, for example, menu card, buffet card, accent, candles and place cards. Placement menu cards, place cards or can we adjust our banquet table theme. For example, we can use a chess board or scrabble letters for place card when we took the theme games.

Popular Travel Sites Available In Bali

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) ,GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) is a cultural tourism lokadinya garden located in the south island of Bali. Garuda Wisnu Kencana itself is a sculpture that until now has not completed the process. However, tourists can still enjoy the charm of Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Besides the charm of the statue of Garuda Wisnu kendana, Hulaa Hoppers can also see the beauty of the limestone hill that had been cut into blocks of limestone are very large. The blocks will all be chiseled. Gili cat review


Besakih, Temple is located at the foot of Mount Agung and the biggest temple in Bali also has long been a very popular tourist Bali. The temple is often used as a location for religious events for Balinese Hindus believed to be a sacred place and the mother of all temples that stood on the island of Bali. One thing that should Hoppers remember when visiting this temple is all visitors to wear gloves lent in the vicinity of Besakih.

Sangeh, If Hoppers bored with beach tourism and culture, Hoppers can discover other natural attractions that exist in Bali. Other tours that are at the Ubud Bali is Sangeh. The place is in the form of natural forests there are monkeys in it. Not just any wild apes, monkeys, is believed to be the embodiment of the magic figure and is considered sacred by the local community. Besides the natural excursions Sangeh are still fresh, Hoppers can also interact with wild monkeys by giving them food.

Tanjung Benoa, Vacation and spur adrenalil? A combination that fits! How not, Tanjung Benoa is known for a variety of sports that will make Hoppers bath in the ocean adventurers. Powered by any stretch of Tanjung Benoa beach is quiet, water games are widely available in the sights of Bali this one. Sea walker, jetski, scuba diving or boat filled donut memorable vacation time in Bali.

Kecak Uluwatu, In the background with a sunset that looks reddish, Kecak into a magical spectacle of exotic. The legend of Ramayana, Kecak involve many dancers that dance for the sake of dancing looks very beautiful. The number of tourists who are interested to watch, it is better to make reservation of a distant day. Tourist attractions Bali is a paradise for tourists. Whatever you want to do Hoppers are available here. Starting from the beach, the lake, the woods to the river can be selected to be the choice of tourist activities Hoppers. Take time at least 3 days to explore the places and activities of interest in Bali.

Arrange a wise action especially if Hulaa Hoppers traveled with the whole family. Do not forget, be selective when you choose the price, for the price of a ticket to Bali click here yuk your ticket soon message !

Diabetes Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetes is a condition in which the sugar content in the blood than normal and tend to be high.Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease that is capable of attacking anyone.Diabetes mellitus (or diabetes) is a chronic condition and lasts a lifetime that affects the body’s ability to use energy from food.There are two main types of the disease: Type 1 and Type 2. doktersehat-diabetes-sugar-diseaseAs many as 350 million people worldwide have diabetes.In 2004, approximately 3-4 million people died of high blood sugar levels.More than 80% of deaths from diabetes disease occurred in countries with medium and low income levels.WHO estimates that the number of deaths due to diabetes will increase two-fold over the period 2005-2030.

The principle causes of this disease of any kind is a disruption of the body’s ability to use glucose into cells.Normal body is able to break down the sugars and carbohydrates you eat into a special sugar called glucose.Glucose is the fuel for the cells in the body.To enter the glucose into the cells needed insulin.In people with diabetes, the body does not have insulin (Type 1 diabetes) or insulin that is inadequate (Type 2 diabetes).

Because the cells can not take up glucose, the glucose accumulates in the blood stream.High blood glucose levels can damage the small blood vessels in the kidneys, heart, eyes, and nervous system.Therefore, untreated diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and nerve damage in the legs.

Both types of diabetes have some of the same symptoms and signs:

  • Hunger and fatigue.The body converts food into glucose which is used to produce energy.When insulin is not optimal anymore or does not exist, then the body will feel tired easily and quickly hungry.
  • Urinate more frequently and being easily thirsty.The average person usually urinate between 4-7 times in 24 hours, but people with the disease may become more frequent.Why?Usually the kidney will absorb glucose followed by absorption of water.But in people with diabetes, blood sugar levels have been increased so that the body may not absorb the glucose.Finally, the water that passes through the kidneys into more.
  • Dry mouth and itchy skin.Because of the frequent need to urinate, there is a shortage of water in other body parts.You can become dehydrated and dry mouth.Dry skin can make you itch.
  • Blurred vision.Changes in the level of fluid in the body can make the lens in the eye to swell so that the eye lens to change shape and lose the ability to focus.

In certain circumstances, there are symptoms that tend to appear after the glucose has been high for a long time.

  • Fungal infections.Both men and women with diabetes could be affected by this.Fungi like glucose, so people with diabetes make easy growing mushrooms.Infection can be grown in areas of the skin that is warm and moist skin folds crate that is in anntara fingers and toes, under the breasts, around the sex organs
  • Slow wound healing.Over time, high blood sugar can affect blood flow and cause damage to the nerves that make your body difficult to heal wounds.
  • Pain or numbness in the legs.
  • Weight loss.If the body can not get energy from you, the cell will begin to burn muscle and fat to obtain other energy sources instead.Patients will lose weight despite not exercising or not eating less.
  • Nausea and vomiting.When the body burns energy sources other than glukossa, the burning it in the form of “ketone.” The blood may fall under acidic pH conditions, the condition may be life-threatening calleddiabetic ketoacidosis.Ketones can cause abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.
Treatment of Diabetes Type 1 and 2

Diabetes Type 1
Diabetes Type 1 diabetes is also calledinsulin-dependent.Had called the child-onset diabetes, because it often begins in childhood.But over time, many studies have shown that this type can also appear in adults.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition.This is due to the pancreas are attacked by antibodies patient’s own body.In patients with this type, a damaged pancreas does not make insulin.This type of diabetes can be caused by genetic predisposition.

A number of medical risks associated with type 1 diabetes
Many of them come from damage to small blood vessels in your eyes (called diabetic retinopathy), nerve (diabetic neuropathy), and kidney (diabetic nephropathy).Even more serious risk is the increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Treatment for Type 1 are with the administration of insulin, by injection through the skin into the fat tissue (biasasnya in abdominal fat tissue).

Diabetes Type 2
By far, most forms of the disease is type 2 diabetes 95% of cases are found in adults.Type 2 This used to be called adult-onset diabetes, but with many cases of epidemic of obesity in children, many new teens who are also experiencing this type.Type 2 diabetes is also called non-insulin dependent diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes usually milder than type 1 because the pancreas is actually able to produce insulin, but because of the lifestyle and the food was not awake, pancreas experiencing “fatigue”.The pancreas is able to produce some insulin.But the amount produced is not sufficient for the needs of the body or other body cells become “resistant” to insulin so that the cells become insulin resistant.Insulin resistance, or a lack of sensitivity to insulin, occurs mostly in fat cells, liver, and muscle cells.

Same as type 1, type 2 is capable of causing health complications, especially in the smallest blood vessels in the body such as the kidneys, nerves and eyes.Type 2 diabetes also increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

People who are obese – with a body weight of more than 20% of ideal body weight – very high risk for developing this type.Obese people tend to have insulin resistance.With insulin resistance, the pancreas has to work too hard to produce more insulin.But despite that, there is not enough insulin to maintain normal sugar.

There is no cure for this disease.At first, type 2 diabetes can be controlled with weight management, nutrition, and exercise.Typically, this type is growing faster in the end, so that the antidiabetic drug is often needed.

A1C test is a blood test that estimated average glucose levels in your blood during the previous three months.Periodic A1C testing may be advised to see how well diet, exercise, and medications work to control blood sugar and results to be seen to prevent organ damage.A1C test is usually done a few times a year.

Call your doctor if:

  • Feeling very severe abdominal pain, weakness, and very thirsty
  • When urinating very frequently and more
  • Breathing deeper and faster than normal (Kusmaull breath, one marker of severity in diabetes)
  • Have a sweet-smelling breath like nail polish.(This is a sign of very high levels of ketones

Simple Recipe Baking waffles Crispy Soft

Waffles Cake which one is perfect for you to try at home. Best Waffle Maker waffles is one type of food that can be eaten with a variety of delicious toppings. Usually waffles can be found in caffe as a friend for coffee or tea. Famous waffles with typical plaid. Motif is obtained from the toaster waffles.

Not difficult to make waffles. The food is fairly simple weave. You can not only serve waffles as a snack, it could as well as breakfast or lunch dish for your child. For those who are curious, here is the recipe simple waffles .

waffles and strawberries isolated on white background
How To Make Cake Waffle
Ingredients to Make Waffles:

As much as 250 grams of wheat flour
Unsalted butter as much as 30 grams
½ tsp salt
As many as 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
Baking powder as much as 1 ½ tsp
Eggs as 2 eggs
Milk 375 ml
Steps How to Make Cakes Waffles :

Mix the first ingredients to make the waffle batter. Such as flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder. Then stir until smooth and set aside temporarily.

Enter the liquid ingredients into the flour mixture. Then mix again until the dough is completely flat. You can use a mixer or a wooden spoon so that the dough is really smooth.
To form a waffle, you can use the usual waffle mold or electrically powered. Preheat until smoky and spread with butter.

Pour the batter over the mold and then cook until waffles cooked.
The waffles are ready to be served with a variety of complementary materials according to your tastes.
Usually a simple waffle served with honey, syrup or ice cream.

But there is nothing wrong if you want to vary by adding a piece of fruit or chocolate sprinkles on top your waffles. Waffle should always be served with a sweet complementary materials. You can also modify the waffle with the salty complementary materials. For example waffles with mayonnaise and cheese.

Then given extra ham and sausage. It could also be given additional chili sauce. Make yourself at home waffle certainly more profitable. In addition because you can experiment yourself, waffles also considered cheaper. Because it is not uncommon waffles sold in caffe in price dearly. Thus a simple waffle recipe hopefully can help those who are curious.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages Closer GoPro Cameras

GoPro action camera is a highly suitable for use in their activities in the outdoors. In adorn camera market in the world there are some advantages and disadvantages that exist in GoPro.


The main advantages possessed GoPro namely in terms of size is extremely smaller than the camera in general. The design is very compact, and waterproof GoPro makes very flexible to use and placed in various positions both on land and in water. Canon pixma ip2772 driver ,Record video produced GoPro has never mess around. Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition, capable of recording 4K quality images up to 30 FPS. So despite their small size, the image quality is not on par with the main-.dan DSLR camera.


Another advantage that makes the GoPro is very interesting is the number of accessories available for taking pictures under various conditions. There is mounting for , helmets, surfboards, at the wrist, even mount that can be placed in the body of an animal.

Last excess of GoPro cameras namely the availability of supporting software is very complete, especially for mobile Apps for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone. With these Apps you can make a cell phone, view finder to check the position of the object to be taken, and transfer files from GoPro to your phone so that it can be directly uploaded to social media.

GoPro deficiency is most often felt by loyal users is the battery capacity can only last 1 to 2 hours. In contrast with DSLR camera or other camera which has a larger battery capacity. Memory capacity is very small, while the size of the video recorded by GoPro is very large, to 1 hour of video can be up to 20 GB. But it is most natural for the initial function is only suitable GoPro cameras to record the moment whose duration is not too long. For those of you who are often traveling, it is advisable to have a backup memory so you do not worry about running out of memory when trying to use the moment mengabadkan GoPro

Disadvantages next GoPro is just focus on recording feature, so to feature shooting still not equal when juxtaposed with a DSLR. This compact camera is also not equipped with Optical Image Stabilization so that when shocks occur when you record the image will be quite pronounced. However, today there are additional software Digital Stabilization so that the picture is not too bouncy-bouncy.

GoPro latter deficiency is the price relatively quite expensive accessories, GoPro Black priced around $ 499, Silver $ 399, and $ 129 Hero. As for priced starting from $ 20 – $ 50. So to be able to use GoPro in a variety of activities, users must purchase a mount which is relatively expensive.