New Furnace Energy Saving Little Pollution

In a familiar sight in the small countries in Africa, namely Eritrea, Kessanet who was four years old playing on the floor when his grandmother cooking pancake on wood-burning stoves.

But the house was different. The eyes of the child had not tears because of the smoke from the fire, and the furnace to burn less wood than traditional stoves. Fireplace mantel ideas

The air in the house was also so clear, so the walls are still white house and guests can watch video footage kungfu Chuck Norris, while talking to his grandmother, without being distracted clouds of choking smoke.

Hasil gambar untuk cara membuat perapian dalam rumah

Eritrea hopes, new furnace design that contributes to the fight against the destruction of forests and lung disorders caused ordinary furnace, which is used by an estimated 2.5 billion people in developing countries (according to UN estimates).

” I was free of smoke, ” said Kebedsh at his home in the village of Adi Kushet, outskirts of Asmara, capital of Eritrea. ” I am free from lung disorders. I am also free from impaired vision. ”

According to UN data, wood-burning stove in the room kills about 2.5 million women and children a year, because their respiratory tract infections because of smoke inhalation.

Eritrea Government officials said the new furnace design, Kebedsh and the other women in the same boat, can reduce the amount of fuel wood consumption by half. Stove made of clay was used to conserve heat insulation, and chimneys of metal for sucking-in of air and the smoke out.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Furnace design is aimed at reducing thousands of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), by burning wood supply that sometimes it is rare in a more efficient and saves 366 kilograms of firewood per household every year.

Paul Mushamba, energy adviser for Biomass Energy Conservation Program in South Africa, has been working on a project that is partially funded by Germany to introduce the metal and pottery furnace energy saving, which can reduce the smoke.

” Some of the designs are really cheap, so it can reach the very poor, ” he said.

Mushamba had spent three years visiting communities in South Africa, and said that the best choice is very dependent on the material and charge available in the local community.

Often he is a simple way to show how it makes a small pottery furnace wall. By replacing the usual three large rocks placed around the fire, can greatly save firewood at a price less than a dollar (about USD 9,000).

Nevertheless, the challenge in Eritrea, like many other environmental projects conducted with families in Africa, is how to spread the impact positipnya of several villages around the country has a population of 3.7 million people.

The goal is to change all the hearths in rural areas with a new furnace design fuel efficient, reaching 500,000 families are mostly located in remote areas in the state on the shores of the Red Sea is a barren and arid mountain ranges.

Spreading Not Easy

However Eritra still struggling to correct the legacy of the liberation struggle that has lasted 30 years, and the war for the border in 1998-2000 with its neighbors is much larger, Ethiopia.

” We are in the early stages, ” said Afeworki Tesfazion, director of energy research at the Center for Research and Training Eritrea. ” We have not achieved many results, do not reach many people. ”

Eritrea’s government said the nature of the project cost, simple, and can be developed in-house, is a way to encourage its use in countries that are very proud of the tradition of self-reliance, even if the plan receives funding from the UK.

But in a country with a large population can not read it, the dissemination of ideas becomes easier. The government has so far trained 223 women to convey information about the stove, by verbally to people living in the outposts, said Afeworki.

The furnace is designed to be made at a cost of about 180 Nakfa (US $ 126,000) to purchase the chimney pipe and various metal components, such as the furnace door.

Villagers can buy each furnace for a year installments. ” The process was slow at first, ” said Afeworki. ” But now is the best time for the project. ”

Project organizers say women Eritrea, who grew up learning to use pottery, will have little trouble making furnaces mogogo traditional friendly version of this environment.

Women have long been taught by their mothers to make everything, ranging from flower pots to sofa, from a clay before leaving their parents’ home and set up house with her husband.

Research: Easy Crying Mental Indicates Strong

Crying is an expression of man’s natural when facing something sad or form of emotional outlet. Crying is often associated with someone who has a mental weak and helpless. But despite all these negative views, crying turned out to have unexpected psychological benefits. As has been mentioned on several studies that crying helps to remove bad substances in the body and make us more healthy. In addition, there are some other facts about the tears that you may not know, is this:
Research Says, Much Crying Mental Indicates Strong

when we are under stress, crying is the best solution to overcome it. This is according to Dr. William H. Frey, crying reduce tension both physically and mind, by lowering cholesterol levels in the body and also reduce the chemicals that cause anxiety. In addition to the content of Lizosim tear it can kill bacteria quickly and prevent eye infections. And maybe you never cry until your nose is no discharge, the liquid is also good for your health.

Men do not cry true?

According to the data, women were crying as much as 47 times a year whereas men cry just as much as 7 times. This is because since little boys are taught not to cry, and in the end they express their anger and frustration with the destructive and aggressive behavior. But those who dare to cry interpreted as a sign that he has an ability to be a true leader and warrior. And the more we cried, both women and men, we will be much healthier and live longer.

People who often cries have the mental strength

Someone crying are those who dare, it is because they are a people capable of exposing and honest about their emotions, no matter in view of the general and gender rules. Research also proves that crying can improve mood, it makes people cry a lot happier. They also have a better understanding of themselves and have the ability to communicate well in others. Is not this fact very bertoalk behind with the common view that many cried menanandakan weakness. And from now on it will be better for you to cry on when you need than you save your emotions and make your health worse.

Tricks For Not Lag When Playing Game in the Android Without Ribet Without Root

Many Android users take advantage of his gadget for playing games while in a state of saturation or are waiting with something. Because the game play time will not feel passed. Play Store is available in many games that you can download for free, from the start to the game HD (High Definition) or small games. However, most users prefer games that have HD graphics sharper than a game that has a standard graphics. Tanki online hack crystals

main game tidak lag gamebooster 3

But the obstacles that will be encountered by users when playing HD games is Lag or broken. Of course, very uncomfortable and not when you’re playing the game screen of his broken. Actually, there are several factors that cause lag when playing games on Android. One is the capacity of the GPU (Garphics Prosessing Unit) and a RAM capacity that is in use on a smartphone. If the GPU and RAM on the smartphone’s fit-fit seems almost impossible, you can play a class game Modern Combat or GTA San Andreas on your smartphone.

But Android is a smart OS that could alter such a way that we can be what we want.There are several ways you can do in order not to lag when playing games on Android. I will give you the trick to the non-root users and users who are already at the root of his smartphone. Below are some easy ways.

1. How To Not Lag When Playing Game in Android (No Root):

For those users who are not yet in smartphonen its root, you can deactivate all social media applications and some application system that takes quite a RAM memory space when it will play the game. As an example of BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and others are installed on your device.
Do I go to Settings >> Manager Apps >> All and then find the applications you do not need to run, and then select Force Quit . At least the application will stop until you start it again. With deactivate these applications then your RAM memory space will be relieved, and certainly lag while playing the game will be reduced.

2. How To Not Lag When Playing Games on Android (Root):

For the user’s smartphone is already at the root may be very easy to get rid of lag or broken when playing games on Android. Because you can use a third party application named GameBooster 3 datap you to download for free via Google Play.
Steps Using GameBooster 3:
1. Download the first GameBooster 3 in the Play Store .
2. Run the application. If SuperSU request permission root access simply select “Allow”.
3. Selanjuntya select “START NOW” .
4. Then if you play a game that will be very heavy, you can select “ULTRA BOOST” .
5. Then Selek game that you will play. Then boosting the process will start.
6. Done.
Well, now you can enjoy your favorite games without any lag and broken. Similarly, some tricks that the review does not lag when playing games on Android without complicated without root. Good luck and hopefully useful.

Carbonated Beverage Can Make Face Elder, Loh

Besides the syrup, you who like sweet things definitely not the same familiar soft drinks. You see, it feels awful weve especially if cold ice cubes. In fact, in the restaurant’s favorite fast food, soft drinks arguably the most widely available. But, if the kicker does most of the dangers of soft drinks? One of them, can make you so old plasticity.

soft drink

Yak, according to a study, most consume soft drinks can speed up the aging process. You see, carbonated drinks contain dyes and artificial sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame potassium macem are not good for health. Continues, there is also a phosphoric acid so the main factors of premature aging.

Well, because most of the GATA-phosphoric acid, soda drinkers were active normally narrowed telomeres ie any part of the very end of a linear DNA. Well, if the telomere narrowed, the skin cells in the body will die and not regenerate like it should be. After a long time, the muscles in the body so broken and trigger the appearance of wrinkles. Duh, really scary, huh?

Fireplace Design Beautiful and Unique Living

The fireplace is an architectural structure designed to light a fire. Fireplace mantel ideas the fireplace is used for practical purposes of heating, cooking and other purposes. The fireplace has great benefits when the rainy season as heating. But, with the passage of time the fireplace is not used as heating because there is already an electronic temperature regulator. Currently, the fireplace is used as an ornament decorating to improve the appearance of a room because the furnace has a very interesting architectural forms.

Fireplace Design Beautiful and Unique Living
Today, we will show a collection of beautiful room fireplace design and unique to the living room that will really grab your attention because of its beauty. All designs come in all shapes and sizes, different designs, colors and materials are manifold. Design that you will see mostly only serve as decoration to beautify the room decor. Please you immediately see the designs fireplace below:

guest room combines contemporary accessories with a touch of retro. Classic design radiates from a fireplace that already seemed old.
Dolgin Eclectic Living Room Fireplace
Fireplace Design Beautiful and Unique Living
Image: ASD Interiors

fireplace flanked by modern accent chairs and mirrors as wall hangings. Texture brick gray unquestioning can improve the appearance of this simple living room.
Erica Lugbill Eclectic Living Room
Fireplace Design Beautiful and Unique Living
Picture: Erica Lugbill Design

This family room has a diverse mix of textures, patterns and materials to create a global beauty and eclectic. Dark blue color to accent the curtains and some decorations on the walls. This simple fireplace has a color that corresponds to the couch and floor.

Walls, floors and furniture neutral give this small room of life and make feature fireplace with wood texture increasingly prominent. Cozy atmosphere is suitable as a family gathering place.
Fireplace Living Room

Colour red sofa remain attractive even in a dimly lit room. All the decorations and accessories look outdated. But with this elegant fireplace, creating a warm and cozy look.

A modern room has a traditional touch with the fireplace and some firewood. This modern fireplace surrounded ceramic composition looks very attractive.
Grand Open Plan Living Room
Fireplace Design Beautiful and Unique Living
Image: House to Home

Color soft walls and furniture allow more striking feature fireplace sebagia focal point because of its magnificent. Traditional wooden furniture, lighting and a classic painting had perfected this parlor.

An eclectic modern room that maintains the classic side by putting a fireplace. Color gray, white and black create a special palette for this room.

combination of various accessories neat and clean because of the color combination of white, beige and gray in the fireplace area make this room more lively.

A fireplace is really a concern because a simple shape capable of emitting a large fire. With gray color in the vicinity, bringing the feel of a warm and inviting anyone. Abstract painting at the top appears to contrast perfectly with the design of the fireplace.

Ceramic wall artistically like this might be used in the bathroom, but still look beautiful used as an additional decoration of this fireplace. With beautiful patterns and colors make the room bright blue is getting brighter.

Despite the room was filled with neutral colors, but very rich with texture and detail. Fireplace surrounded by marble stone looks luxurious and elegant.

Wallpaper wall should be given more value because it is so in harmony with the theme of this room. Fireplaces with natural stone materials tampail very beautiful and high artistic value. While the ranks of contemporary furniture providing comfortable seating and perfect.

Design room with a modern theme. All looks futuristic even though there is a fireplace. The fireplace is adapted to form a relatively small and are placed on the upper wall. Design of vertical stripes make this room seem higher.

This room looks very comfortable for the lounge. A fireplace with a common form we see, with some cute artwork on the top.

You have seen the beautiful and unique fireplace design for the living room above, so what do you think? Do you like it? Are you planning to make in your home? To be sure all of the above design is very interesting and certainly unique because not everyone has it. Again, the fireplace should not be used to warm the room, but it’s been converted as part of dekroasi a room. With the fireplace in your home, all the guests who came to the house you certainly notice it because not everyone has the desire to use it as a decoration of the room.

Square Enix Giveaway Premium in Update of Final Fantasy Record Keeper!

Penetration Square Enix on a mobile platform is quite safe, smooth and controlled. The proof, though some of the new titles that are specially made for mobile such as Mobius Final Fantasy , Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Kingdom Hearts Unchained is available for the Japanese market, some classic titles Final Fantasy still get attention and actively played by fans tanki online cheat

Including a unique game that call for the character of the legendary game series in the form of pixels , ie Final Fantasy Record Keeper . Just getting a massive update some time ago, Final Fantasy Record Keeper get a pretty big change. Ranging from changes in the user interface , the addition of characters and the world, as well as goodies which coincides with the celebration of Christmas and New Year holidays.

Square Enix Giveaway Premium in Update of Final Fantasy Record Keeper!

Today, Square Enix and DeNA started distributing goodies in question in order to release a major update of this game. For you who still do not update, I recommend you to immediately go to Google Play or the App Store in the smartphone your beloved to enjoy the view main menu is now visible more slick. Not only that, some of the functions on the menu other features have also been modified. For example, on the menu World you can see the dungeon anywhere that can be explored by sliding between the two modes view. You can search the dungeon you want to play by its title FF or using Progress Map.

Holiday themed decor has also been added and even an exclusive weapon for the holidays will arrive tomorrow, December 16, 2015. As an exclusive weapon in question tends to “Stormlance Grimoire” . In addition to the weapons, there is also a login bonus that will be given tomorrow in the form of skill Samurai 4 “Darkmoon” and accessories 5 “Crystal Orb” . Seems to December 16, 2015 will be an important date for the event Festive Fantasy will also begin on that date, and lasted until January 1, 2016.

Update the massive Final Fantasy Record Keeper is also enlivened with a variety of other interesting events. Starting from today until the 24th of December, you can follow the event Sephiroth Event: Blood Madness . In the event that you can recruit Sephiroth and Reno from FFVII and there Sephiroth’s Memory Crystal II as a reward. For more details about the event you can access from the menu Event in the game.

One big event more important for you to know is Final Fantasy Premium Items are distributed free of charge! Premium Items in question are goodies in a physical form that I mentioned above. Some of the prizes you can win them are T-shirt signed by the Art Director Tetsuya Nomura, posters Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy Advent Children , T-shirt signed by Producer / Director Final Fantasy XIV Noaki Yoshida, and many others.

The trick to participate is also very easy. First of all of course you have to complete the tutorial section, then touch the icon Special contained in the main menu. Then select the prize ( sweepstake ) Where would you like to win by completing the dungeon the requested instructions. Once completed, share the results through social account mediamu to increase the chances of winning.

So, what are you waiting? Immediate download and update Final Fantasy Record Keeper in your beloved smartphone or tablet right now. Who knows, you’re lucky to get christmas gifts and new year ahead of Square Enix, right? Get the latest news about the games Square Enix and DeNA more from us.

Which is Healthier, Eat Fast or Slow?

Living in a world filled with competition like today, most people are vying with each other and compete quickly to pursue individual success. In fact, not a few of them did not have time to have the proper time to just sit a break or enjoy a leisurely meal time, everything is done with a very rushed and disorganized. Is there a particular impact on health if a person ate quickly (in a hurry) or slowly (slow)?

A man was eating
Did you know that eating fast does not only belong to one part of a healthy lifestyle, but it also makes a person more prone to stress. If you’re one who adopted the lifestyle is too busy and always in a hurry, then this information is right for you. Here are some of the bad effects of eating quickly (in a hurry) and as well as the health benefits of eating slowly (back and enjoy):

# Indigestion
According to a recent study, eating in a hurry can cause a disease called gastroesophageal reflux, a disease associated with gastrointestinal problems, triggering tremendous pain in the chest. In more serious cases, the disease can cause narrowing of the esophagus, causing the sufferer difficulty to swallow something. Some other problems such as hiccups and bloating can also occur because when swallowing food, outside air also swallowed into the stomach. # Eat Excess Without Knowingly When people eat too fast, then it implies that he also ate greedily.

This causes the stomach does not have enough time to communicate with the brain to tell when it’s time full and should stop eating. Often what happens after eating, stomach suddenly was stuffed and it is a signal that you are eating too much or superfluous. On the other hand, eating slowly would allow time for the stomach to send a signal to the brain that we are full and the time to stop eating.

In this way, unknowingly eating too full will not . Because we know, that eating too full it is not good for health. Eat when hungry and stop before we are satisfied. # Not Enjoying food How the texture, taste, color and smell of food can not be perceived perfectly when you eat in a hurry. On the contrary, eating slowly will make the food chewed completely, so the food is more easily digested and provide respite time for the stomach and the brain to communicate.

While below health benefits of eating slowly: # Reduce Stress When we were eating, focus on the food and do not divert it to other things, especially if you think about things that are related to the problems of everyday life. mind for a moment to enjoy a meal. Eating slowly is not only good for health, but also can reduce the risk of stress and make life happier. # Improve Digestion As mentioned earlier, eating slowly will make the food chewed completely, which can automatically improve the digestive system , When our digestion is healthy, then our risk of developing the disease is very small.

Because most diseases are sourced from healthy digestion. # Lose Weight Eating too quickly often leads to a glut without realizing it, it will eventually have an impact on weight gain, especially in the abdomen (potbelly). Instead, eat it slowly to lose weight (if overweight) or remained stable (if the current stature ideal). For that to keep the body healthy and strong until old age, live a healthy lifestyle and do not eat in a hurry.

The best way to use our clash royale cheats to get stone that are free

Most of the games that are online has some premium monies and the gaming business needed one to purchase them for actual cash. Among the most significant resources in Clash Royale are the stone. Have you been looking for Clash Royale for a location where it is possible to get yourself more free stone and gold? Then you’re in the correct spot if that’s thus. But wait, the Clash Royale cheat don’t only give you the number of stone you want but can keep a constant flow of income and set you ahead of the learning curve and give you the competitive advantage to play against people who are spending countless dollars per month, simply to stay together with the leaderboards. Now, on top of the leaderboards, you also can not compete with just the click of a mouse but win without spending actual money.

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What’s Clash Royale?
Clash Royale can let you take control of Clash Of Clans characters and is a strategy game. This game differs from CoC that strike other individuals base and set foundation, place in this game is total control of characters and you’ll be able to go freely with this game stadium. This game has an excellent cartoon effects, each character on Clash Royale can be unlocked using exceptional card which are you able to get during the game. In addition to using in program purchase goodies, like, stone, and gold, elixir. Strong of tons card can be utilized too to get optimize power of your characters. While playing with this game would be exciting, it extremely exhausting and time consuming roll up and to update card of your characters. For example you must pay to getting stone with substantially restricting with stone and then get specific cards that are exceptional, that is important pain in the butt, or you actual cash will be spent by it. Most folks use cheats and hacks to prevent this loophole system.
Clash Royale was released in Australia, China, Canada, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. It was released during this time in Iceland, Finland and New Zealand. This first soft-start game was just accessible it soft-started in those same states for Android one month afterwards. The international official release was in March of 2016. Since that time, it’s got significantly more positive reviews. It’s among the most used and best grossing programs for iOS in America.


Understanding Diabetes Mellitus.  Diabetes mellitus often referred to as diabetes blood or diabetes. Known diabetes because diabetics when urinating place, then the place will be surrounded by ants like sugar sweet.Facetiously friends often assume the office of  diabetes destroyer diabetes mellitus as a “disease of the affluent”. Hmm …. Seriously.

Image result for penyebab diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a disease caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin to glucose in the body outlines. Inability is primarily due to excessive consumption of glucose so that the glucose builds up in the blood and the body lacks insulin to break it down.


The cause of diabetes mellitus is the main lifestyle and diet is wrong. That lifestyle by eating a lot but not balanced, a little activity, less exercise and others. With the disruption of insulin production system in pancreatic organ, whole food and drink into the body, can not be controlled and eventually the accumulation of sugar or glucose in the blood.


Below are some of the symptoms of diabetes should be aware of:

  1. Sufferers need to urinate constantly. Usually with the need to urinate more than normal people.
  2. Patients usually feel tired and not able to do heavy work.
  3. Body weakness, fatigue, and not enthusiastic, always felt sleepy and wanted to sleep.
  4. People with diabetes lost weight dramatically for no apparent reason, when the patient is not on a diet.
  5. Appetite increased. People with blood sugar is easy to feel hungry anytime.
  6. Always feel thirsty and wanted to drink water continuously, such as dehydration.
  7. Painful tingling in the hands and feet.
  8. Visually impaired and began myopic.
  9. The surface of the skin to infections.
  10. When people with diabetes have wounds on the surface of the skin, the wound is usually very difficult to cure.
  11. Itching of the skin surface.
  12. Symptoms of diabetes last is swelling in the legs.


Diabetes has not found any cure. But there are some pretty effective way to control blood sugar levels from rising too rapidly. People with diabetes can practice to monitor and control blood sugar levels regularly.

The core of the treatment of diabetes is a set pattern of living and eating healthily. Ie, set back lifestyle and diet with more discipline.

There are several lifestyle therapies that can be done for the prevention of diabetes . Here are some patterns of therapy for people with diabetes:


At night, people with diabetes are encouraged to fast. Because, dinner only produce energy that is not used to the activity.


Blood sugar disease patients are allowed to eat fruit, bread, white rice and other foods. However, the levels should be reduced in number. Currently the market has provided a variety of food alternatives. Creative market provides a variety of alternative foods for people with blood sugar disease. Starting from sugar, oil, bread, milk, syrup and so on.

Benefits Of Running Sore Every Day To Lose Weight

Benefits of Running Sore Every Day to Lose Weight . Running in the morning is one of the most popular sports in the community. Morning run can really help us to start activities early in the day in a good mood until evening. If you are not the usual jog, walk the morning will still have the same benefits. And what about the benefits of running the afternoons ?.

Benefits of Running Sore Every Day to Lose Weight

There is an interesting discussion titled “Benefits of the afternoon run vs jog” at an online site. The discussion begins with a question: Which is better; run in the morning on an empty stomach? Or run the afternoons?

One of the members who participated in the discussion suggested that however, Running Sore Every Day to Lose Weight no more useful than a run in the morning on an empty stomach. Morning is the best way to mobilize the fat reserves.Furthermore, the participants said, “but my theory is that anything that makes you exercise run … anything that can keep you motivated … just do it”.

I have read many times that if you want to lose weight efficiently, exercise / run in the morning on an empty stomach. You do the direct burning of fat cells, and enhance your metabolism so that you still burn more calories throughout the day. That’s why the morning run may be better.

Apart from that, one should not eat before exercise run, either morning or afternoon.But it does not matter if a mengkonkumsi snack such as a banana or yogurt for about an hour before jogging.

Although the morning run better because aspects of metabolism, for people who do not have the option to do so for various reasons, the afternoon run remains to consider if you want to lose weight. The idea is that helpful to run to burn fat more perfect.

Benefits of exercise running for weight loss has been recognized since the runners can deplete the stock of glycogen before 26.2 miles. If the body is trained to use fat as fuel, glycogen reserves can be drawn further.

Those who say that the benefits of the afternoon run to lose weight exceeds a run in the morning simply because the temperature.Activities run in the afternoon made the choice because of the temperature / temperatures were higher and more spur metabolism than the temperature in the morning.